About Me

My name is Nima Badizadegan, a software and hardware developer in the Northeastern United States. I am passionate about exploring the limits of computer system performance, and I examine the underlying assumptions of computer systems, from hardware to numerics.

I am currently working on a startup, arbitrand that aims to make true random number generation more secure and widely available.

Most recently, I was at Google working on improving the performance of Google’s exabyte-scale filesystem (Colossus) for the NVMe flash world. In the past, I have worked on hardware-accelerated trading systems, disease models, e-reader hardware, and hardware and software for satellites.

Interests and Blog Topics

This blog should generally focus on technical topics, based on my interests. Topics you should expect to see represented include:

  • System-level software engineering
  • FPGAs and design of hardware-accelerated systems
  • Computer system performance
  • Micro-optimization of algorithms
  • Data structure and algorithm internals, and hardware implementation of algorithms
  • Time synchronization
  • Numerical algorithms
  • High-performance networking technologies
  • Working with new storage technologies
  • Fundamental physical limits of computer systems

I am also fond of several less-techical topics including the following:

  • The culture of hardware and software engineering
  • Organizational psychology and corporate structure
  • The goings on of the financial markets
  • Intellectual property law

How to Get in Touch

The best way to get in touch with me is through email, but you can use any of the social links on the right. If you are reaching out about W-2 employment, I am not interested at this time. Otherwise, feel free to shoot me an email about anything you find interesting at [email protected]. If you would like to receive an email when a new post goes live on this blog, you can sign up for my email list below.

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