Time Programming for Lawyers and Jurors

I often like to have streams of trials playing in the background when I am working, and the recent trial of interest was the trial of Karen Read, who was accused of murder. One issue in this case was a conflict between two timestamps logged by different apps on a potential suspect’s phone. Apple health had logged the person climbing flights of stairs at a given time, and at the same timestamp, a log from the app Waze indicated that the person was driving.

Teach Your Kids Bridge

A post recently made the rounds on hacker news claiming that you should teach your kids poker, not chess. The comments on that post go through a lot of the reasons why poker is a bad game to teach your children, but I felt that I was well suited to opine on this topic, and explain why duplicate bridge is the best game for practicing the life skills involved in business and programming, compared to all of the alternatives.

Who Controls a DAO?

In honor of April Fools’ Day, I decided to write about a blockchain topic. The crypto economy is in the process of speedrunning their way from zero to a modern economy, and when you move that fast, a few things have to break along the way. One of those things is corporate governance. Matt Levine’s “Money Stuff” is a financial newsletter that I can’t recommend enough. If you are at all interested in finance, stocks, and markets, it is funny and informative read.